Monday, June 15, 2009

Saucy Stuffed Peppers

205 and Counting down. Plus 3 equals 208 and counting down.

WAIT A MINUTE! I'm supposed to be going down, not up. (I really have to quit buying cookbooks)

This one tho, is not a new one, I've had it for quite some time. It is published by Beta Sigma Phi; an international woman's organization that I've belonged to for over 25 years. They have published a cookbook for a number of years, I have about 10 of them, but they've discontinued it this past year. I was disappointed, but I was probably the only one in my group who still ordered them. We all have those "non cooking" friends who will say, "ugh, how many cookbooks can a person have?"

I wonder why they are my friends? LOL

We really liked these stuffed peppers. I liked the Anaheim Peppers the best, my husband the bell peppers.

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  1. 208 cookbooks. Oh. My. I think I've said this before but... if you ever have to move you're going to get rid of about 198 of them. LOL

  2. Wow, 208 cookbooks! Your cookbook collection reminds me of my to-read stacks which had 212 books in them the last time I checked. I have a slight cookbook obsession as well, but I don't have anywhere near 208 cookbooks.

  3. Ditto...I like what I see! Will come back when I return from long weekend-hubby birthday gathering! Your like me, lots of blogs going on, and I like that!