Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

I recieved this cookbook for Christmas.  Add another one to the list  (I'll never get it down if I keep this up)
It was a great appetizer...I'd make it again.  In fact, maybe this weekend.
To see the post in its entirerty  ( is that a word?)
check it out here


  1. I quit buying cookbooks after I had to get rid of a lot of them when we moved (they're heavy!), so I didn't get this, but perused it while at Wal-Mart one day ;) I liked it but was surprised at the size... it's not a big cookbook. Also, although I love her blog, I think there are too many pictures. I don't need to see her pouring cream into a bowl in three different pictures! LOL

  2. What a lofty goal! I, too, am a cookbook addict. It's a sickness!